Your skin, your tastes, your sensations

Following our three foundations of quality, personalisation and proximity, we are proud to say that our products are organic, ecological and that we use no preservatives, no colourings, but a quality raw material that is the best product for a skin.

We offer oleoperfumes, facial oils and eye oil, as well as advice and a live showroom!

How do we create the blends?

We start with base oils that will make up the majority of the product.
Grapeseed oil and avocado oil, both organic and certified organic.

vitis vinifera grapeseed oil
persea gratisima avocado oil
punica granatum pomegranate seed oil
prickly pear seed oil
pistacia vera nut oil

We add extra oils consisting of natural active ingredients whose chemical composition is richer and therefore works deeper into the skin tissues. Our extras are pomegranate seed oil, prickly pear oil and pistachio oil, also organic and certified.

Do you like essences?

We know that every skin is unique, as well as tastes, so we offer you the opportunity to choose the scent of your product. So you can decide whether to include a scent or if you prefer it unscented. We can advise you.

cistus ladanifer
chrithmum maritimum
citrus aurantium orange blossom

Our 3 essences are sea fennel (the essence that gave the name to our Sea Notes brand), orange blossom and rockrose.
The essences are obtained by steam distillation, so that they retain 100% of their purity.

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