Year-round living on the Costa Blanca: a universe of inspiration

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We couldn't start this blog without alluding to our beginnings for the creation of the brand and settling in this place is a source of inspiration. What is it that attracts people to come and stay all year round?

A way of life almost lost, but with endless possibilities.

This region is full of artisans, producers and entrepreneurs who have been bringing creativity to this place, settling here all year round and filling both the coast and the interior with soul.

Producers' markets, wicker artisans, guitar makers, natural wine producers, organic cheese producers, jam producers, beekeepers, sourdough bread producers, as well as other artisans in the cosmetics sector who, like Notas de Mar, are using the resources that the land offers to create products for the skin.

The plant that inspired Notas de Mar: sea fennel

In Las Rotas, the rocky beach of Dénia where the Montgó, the mountain that separates Dénia and Jávea, grows wild, attached to the rocks and solitary, a very sustainable green plant, as it only needs sea salt to survive.

Notas de Mar started out as a brand inspired by local ingredients. It was very difficult to find producers of oils in the area, as when you start to find out about their true origin, you realise that most of them are imported from abroad. It is not profitable for the small local producer to produce them, let alone to offer small quantities.

We focused on sea fennel, we knew that this species was protected in Las Rotas. We contacted a biologist to tell us more about this plant, then we discovered the great potential of sea fennel for both perfumery and cosmetics.

We looked for other places where the species was not protected and managed to talk to an expert in perfumery who told us about the marine notes. All perfumes are composed of three notes, the sea notes are difficult to obtain, in fact they are usually obtained synthetically.

The oil extracted from sea fennel, known in botany as chrithmum maritimum, incorporates two of the three marine notes naturally, a salty note and a metallic note reminiscent of iodine, and only by adding a citrus note is the composition for the marine notes achieved.

It was really an inspirational conversation that ended up shaping the idea. Something clicked, we knew that the first products would include sea fennel, and that would be the name of the brand.

Bringing holidays closer to your everyday life

When you live between two cultures as different as German and Spanish, you are very aware of the things you miss when you leave each country.

Closing your eyes and moving can be something achievable through meditation. Notas de Mar is a brand that seeks to create that feeling, the feeling of not having to wait for your next holiday, but closing your eyes and being able to connect with this reality, with this wellbeing. We all have the right to create wellness in our daily lives and not need holidays as a means of escape from our reality, but to include a little bit of that feeling in our daily lives.

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