Time is short

What is office life like? How many people are happy in their workplace?

The alarm clock rings and another Monday begins, the same as last Monday, the same as last month's Monday and last year's Monday. You go out on autopilot, sometimes having had little sleep, thinking about how you could change that routine that is diminishing you day by day and that only brings you security, but you go on, convincing yourself that it is the best, that there is nothing else, that it is too much risk, and so a year goes by, 3 years, 5...
Many people who have gone through these feelings, job mobbing, frustrations, blockages and burnouts resign themselves to continue in jobs that are far removed from their purpose or ambition and make an exchange of time in exchange for financial remuneration.

But is time negotiable? 

Your life time is, together with your health, your most precious asset, it does not come back and there is no way to get it back, so logically you should use it well.
The frustration caused by a job with no purpose and little freedom leads to stress levels that end up affecting the other areas of your life, family, partner, friends and health.
And I ask myself, if a high percentage of people are unhappy in their workplace and the majority of offers published with transparency are for unwanted positions, why not compensate with freedom and geographic mobility? Perhaps artificial intelligence came to do us a favour and get rid of positions that had no job prospects?
Companies that promote freedom and change with more modern structures that allow remote working, or even bringing the dog into the office, have happier workers, and therefore higher productivity.
Those that also encourage their employees with internal training, new tasks and responsibilities, where managers listen to their employees with empathy and know how to use the talent of their team strategically will have a better chance of success.
And I would really like to see companies that leave their workers pigeon-holed in a library of old or second-hand books, gradually losing steam and being replaced by new ones.
Let us move towards an organic well-being and a more just world, because the natural thing is to be happy...

Balance, what is causing us stress at work?

Lack of identity and individuality, we no longer want to be a number in the company. We have been denied the opportunity to add value by filling the gap. This leads to apathy, demotivation and lack of purpose. The solution? Let artificial intelligence fill the gaps and let everyone discover the essence of what they can contribute.
Notas de Mar promotes well-being based on individuality, based on the idea that returning to yourself and your authenticity is the key to happiness.
Natural beauty is the consequence of self-care, take care of yourself in every moment of your life.

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